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Tesa Deals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Tesa Deals?

    Tesa Deals is an online marketplace on where sellers list and advertise their products and services (Deals) for sale to interested Buyers. There are no data charges for MTN subscribers using the platform as it is zero rated.

    To access deals on you musthave an internet connection and sig up to the platform at no cost to you.

  2. What can I do on Tesa Deals as a Buyer?

    As a Buyer, you can search for products and services across different categories and click on a specific deal ad to view more details.

    You can either call or message a Seller to enquire about the deal and discuss methods of payment and delivery or collection, which will take place outside of the Tesa deals platform altogether. 

    You can save deals and remove them at any point from the My Saved Deals folder and share deals with friends or family using different referral tools.

  3. How do I find a deal and contact the seller on Tesa Deals?

    Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Visit

    Step 2: Browse the Tesa deals Categories or Top Picks, alternatively type what you are looking for in the search bar.

    Step 3: See listings from different Sellers and click on the one that you are interested in to view more detail.

    Step 4: Call or Message the Seller to chat further to see whether the deal is still available and where applicable arrange payment and delivery or collection.

    How do I access deals from a specific Seller on Tesa Deals on USSD?

    Step 1: Dial *114*7 and follow the prompts. You are also able to view the deal detail and contact the Seller.

  4. How do I pay for a deal on Tesa Deals?

    You can currently only pay for ads using MoMo. We do not facilitate payments between buyers and seller so you will need to enquire with the seller directly about their payment options and policy.

    We highly recommend that you read all third-party policies before agreeing to disclose any personal information, especially banking or credit card information. 

  5. Can I get a refund if my ad gets rejected?

    We do not offer any refunds as an opportunity to update your ad is provided in line with our Advertising Guidelines. We can however provide you with a credit voucher of the same value for you to list, and where applicable boost your new deal ad, noting that this voucher will be valid for 3-months.

  6. Do Tesa Deals deliver deal items to Buyers on behalf of Sellers?

    No, it does not as the transaction and the collection or delivery of any items is between yourself and the Seller. You will need to contact or message the seller directly through Tesa Deals to enquire about this and the associated cost.

  7. How do I save a deal that I like?

    Go to the deal and click on the Save Deal button at the top of the ad on the left. You can view it or delete it under your My Saved Deals section under the main navigation.

  8. How does a Seller list a deal on

    Follow these steps to list goods or services for sale on Tesa Deals (you must register first or sign in):

    Step 1: Visit the Tesa Deals site at

    Step 2: Click on the Post New Ad button.

    Step 3: Enter all the relevant information required such as Title, Category, Price, Available Quantity.

    Step 4: Upload an image & click Create once you’re happy.

    Step 5: Choose whether you would like to Boost your Deal and press Confirm to Pay via MoMo

    Step 6: Confirm your order.

    Go back to your Ad under your My Tesa Deals section to see whether it has been approved.

  9. How long is my ad listing valid for?

    When you place your standard deal ad it will be valid for 30 days. You can, however, extend this period. You can view how many days your listing will be active for on the My Tesa Deals page. If it has expired, you can easily renew it on the My Ad Detail page.

  10. What can I sell on Tesa Deals?

    You can only advertise and sell deals on Tesa Deals which are lawful to be sold and purchased in Uganda. Click here to see our Seller Advertiser Guidelines that outlines the list of products and services which are prohibited from being advertised on Tesa Deals.

  11. What can I do to get more people to see my deal(s)?

    • Boost your ad: to get more potential buyers to see your deal. There are currently 3 options ranging from UGX2 500 – UGX20 000 depending on how long you want to promote your deal for.

    • Comprehensive Descriptions: Provide detailed yet accessible descriptions of your products or services. Clear information eliminates the need for potential buyers to ask more questions.

    • High-Quality Imagery: Upload high-resolution images that showcase details effectively. Quality visuals contribute to buyer confidence and minimize additional inquiries.

    • Clear Pricing: Be clear on the price, whether it’s per unit or one item or all items and offer a breakdown if necessary. Also make sure that you have an idea of what other similar products or services cost so that your pricing is reasonable.

    • Detailed Specifications: Include specifications, dimensions, or features so that buyers know exactly what to expect.

  12. What options are there to promote / boost my Deal ad?

    Your ad will be bumped up to be featured as one of the first ads when a buyer searches for a specific product or category or visit the relevant category section within the site. It will also be included within the Top Pics carousel on the Home page.

    Boosting options:

    • 1-Day Boost: UGX 1,500

    • 1-Week Boost: UGX 8,000

    • 1-Month Boost: UGX 20,000

  13. How do I share my Deal(s) to promote my Seller profile?

    Simply go to the deal you would like to share and click on the Tell Someone button. You then have various tools to choose from including copying the unique link, send the link to your phone or share it onto Twitter or WhatsApp.

    You can also tell potential buyers to find your deal(s) on USSD by dialing *114*7*[YourCellNumber].

  14. What do I get when I place an Ad on Tesa Deals?

    By placing your ad on the Tesa Deals platform, you get the following value:

    • Guaranteed Views; meaning the Number of views every ad you place will get

    • Guaranteed Uganda Audience: Real people are reached & engaged (No bots).

    • Scale your audience; beyond social media and Internet users, you now have access to MTN’s 10 million+ customers.

    • Zero-Rated Platform; Zero MBs for you to publish your Ad and for viewers of the Ad

    • Dedicated USSD code ( e.g *144*7*YourCellNNumber); the code allows you to promote your Tesa deals to people who don’t have Internet. The code is active as long as you have an active Ad on Tesa deals

  15. How do I contact the Tesa Deals Support Team?

    Contact us via email at

  16. What if someone being suspicious, abusive or doing something illegal?

    In the detailed view of the publisher’s advert, click on Report Seller and then choose your reason. There is also a space where you can add a comment before submitting.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to reach us via email at to inform us of your concern.